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By the automation of construction control processes

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The global construction and real estate market is moving towards automation

до 2030 года

Цифровая трансформация, как одна из национальных целей, утверждена Указом Президента РФ №474 от 21.06.2020 г.  Поэтому начиная с 2020 года строительный рынок стремительно движется в сторону автоматизации.

5-15 %

Рост рынка цифровизации строительной отрасли начиная с 2021 года, по оценкам специалистов

64 %

Застройщиков из топ-100 компаний по объемам строительства жилья имеют высокий уровень цифровизации, по данным агентства цифрового аудита SDI360. Подробнее можно почитать в статье РБК

What is TeamJect?

Our application is designed specifically for construction companies

With the app, you can quickly monitor every stage of construction here and now, make balanced decisions in due time and eliminate discrepancies.

The app helps you streamline and automate all document flow, reduce the time it takes to transfer information between the project participants, eliminate the risk of late data transfer and exclude the loss of important documents.

Specialists at the construction site input data, photos and breakdown details into the mobile app using the function of setting tags on the drawings.

All the data is stored in the cloud, so everyone in the project can access it at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The mobile app is synchronized with the web version of TeamJect, which reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes the time for transferring important information from the construction site.

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Basic features
of TeamJect:

Conducting construction control using the catalog of checklists

Quick call for a construction control specialist by QR-code

Original library of drawings

Fixing of detected faults and defects with the function of tagging them on the drawing

Record of added comments with fault elimination tracking

Making instructions with the possibility to specify the priority of the detected faults

Making Comment Withdrawal Reports on the issued instructions or on identified faults and defects

One-click notification of all project participants about detected issues

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Advantages of TeamJect

You see everything that is happening on the construction site here and now, and you can promptly correct mistakes.

Construction control experts with many years of experience worked on the development of the program.

We reduce costs and increase profitability for construction companies.

Easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface.

The risk of data loss is reduced due to the use of cloud storage.

Meets the requirements of the international standard for construction works.


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When you activate our app, money is not automatically withdrawn from your cards or accounts. Therefore, when the free period expires, you will receive a notification inviting you to extend the use of the TeamJect app.

Submit a request on our website or in the TeamJect app.

You can email information to anyone who is interested. For example, you can open access to a specific folder or document that is in the cloud. And if you have made an instruction, you get the option to write the email addresses directly in the app and do the mailing.

The administrator has the right to open such access, and the recipient will get the link to the cloud.

The administration system allows you to give access to project participants with and without the right to delete/edit documents. If a specialist with deletion access rights needs to restore a file, he/she should contact the project administrator.

We are construction experts!

The idea of creating our product dates back to 2007, when we ourselves began to gain experience in managing construction projects.

Financial and time losses in project implementation had one thing in common — manual control that keeps on failing.That’s when the idea came up to “digitize” our business for our own convenience. While we were implementing it we came to the conclusion that our product was too good to keep it only for ourselves. So we decided to offer it to our colleagues in the construction market.

The development is based on our many years’ experience in the construction industry: the knowledge of our best civil and industrial engineers, construction control specialists, and the Head of the company. It all started with a small list of engineers’ wishes and grew into a fully-featured application.

Now our experience and in-house expertise in construction project management is available to you. With the app, you can control your construction project more effectively, decrease costs and minimize construction timelines.

TeamJect has become a real companion for us and our clients who wish to implement construction projects in a faster and smarter manner.

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